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Welcome to State Resource Centre for Women

The State Resource Centre For Women (SRCW) has constituted under the National Mission for Empowerment of Women. State Resource Centre for Women is formed to assist and liaise with the existing institutions/structures for monitoring and reviewing of flagship and other schemes of Central and State Government for eliciting the information required to be placed before the State Mission Authority

Functions/Focus Areas/Objectives of SRCW

  • The SRCW will assist State Mission Authority for monitoring and reviewing all the State & Central Govt. Schemes.
  • It will conduct review meetings at the State, District, Tehsil and Village level in order to ensure effective monitoring of convergence efforts at the grass root level.
  • It will act as the link between the Mission Directorate, National Resource Centre for women and the grass root level by collating gender disaggregated data received from the grass root structures and sending it to the NRCW as well as recommending research studies on the specific areas.

Scope of Functions

  • Formulate the State Women Empowerment Policy and State Plan of Action in consultation with other departments, academic institutions/Universities, civil society institutions and NGOs.
  • Receive manage and account for the funds received from the Ministry of Women & Child Development, Government of India and the State Government.
  • Support and Monitor Performance of District Mission Directorate and Resource Centre for Women and Village Resource Centre and ensure proper flow and utilization of funds to the Districts and Villages through SMEW
  • Ensure effective implementation of other legislations and policies relating to women in the state to remove the structural barriers in the women development
  • Creation of facilities of Justice Delivery/Infrastructures for women access to social Justice and Legal Justice, Task Forces to curb violence against women, prevention of Malnutrition and Reduction of Service gap
  • Making efforts in providing basic infrastructures for survival such As Housing, toilet, drinking water, power, fuel, health care at the villages to enable women to join in productive growth and investment
  • Implementing continuous and non-formal education on non-violence peace living, and elimination of all forms of atrocity, torture and discrimination against women by imparting behavioural leadership training among men and women, girl child and boy child in equal footing for improvement for general consciousness about their rights, ethics, well-being, identity, environment, laws, science, technology and sanitation through village, knowledge centres and Urban Knowledge Centres
  • Increasing access to Financial Resources/Cash Flow in womens hands for eradication of extreme poverty and hunger
  • Implementation of the Gender Budget Scheme of all The Participating Departments and Women Component Plan in true spirit
  • Carry out need based research and Documentation activities for assessing the status of women
  • Submit progress report to the Ministry of Women & Child Development, GOI and the State Gov. on Programme Implementation and Fund Utilization
  • Coordinate training, meetings, conferences, surveys, workshops and exchange visits, etc. etc. for deriving inputs for improving implementation of the State Mission for Empowerment of Women