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Welcome to the Department of Women Development & Child Welfare

 Organisational Setup


The Department is headed by Commissioner / Director at the State Head Quarters who is assisted by 2 Joint Directors, 3 Deputy Directors, 5 Assistant Directors, 2 Accounts Officers, 2 Assistant Accounts Officers with 18 Sections on different subjects of Women Development and Child Welfare.



There are Six Regional Deputy Directors in Six Zones with Head Quarters at Visakhapatnam, Eluru, Ongole, Kurnool, Warangal and Hyderabad who are in overall supervision for implementation of various Welfare Programmes for Women and Children in their respective Zones. The jurisdiction of each Region is extended from three to six Districts.



The District ICDS cell is headed by the Project Director, District Women and Child Development Agency in all 23 Districts. An Assistant Project Director, DW & CDA will assist the Project Director, DW & CDA in implementation of various Schemes, ICDS Programme and monitoring of Women and Child Welfare Institutions set up for the Welfare of Women and Children in the Districts. In each District there are 10 to 24 ICDS Projects and each Project is headed by a Child Development Project Officer.



At present there are 387 Projects running in the State. Each Project is headed by either CDPO or ACDPO. Each Project operates through small units called Sectors, which are headed by Supervisors. A Project is divided into 5 to 8 Sectors, depending upon the AWCs. Each Sector covers about 25 Anganwadi Centers (AWCs) on an average. An AWC is managed by an Anganwadi Worker and assisted by an Anganwadi Helper. At present there are 80,481 Main and 10,826 Mini Anganwadi Centers in the State.




The Department has prescribed a Monthly Progress Report for collecting the report on coverage of beneficiaries in all the Anganwadi Centers (AWCs) under each service. It has set state level goals on four major parameters and these parameters are being reviewed every quarter. The information on the schemes, programmes of the Department are being enlightened by printing of books / UMS / pamphlets for the information of the public and for necessary intervention monitoring by external agencies on selected services is taken up periodically.


The periodical reviews with District Officers are being conducted at the State Level. At the Regional Level the Regional Deputy Director reviews the progress on implementation of Programmes of the Project Directors on 5th of every month. At the District Level, the Project Directors will review with CDPOs on 3rd of every month. The CDPOs review with Supervisors at the Sector on 1st of every month. The Supervisors take up review with AWWs at the Mandal Level between 28th and 30th of every month. The review by the reviewing Officer is conducted on targets set and achievements of all ICDS services with both Physical and Financial, the shortfalls and backlogs if any at any level will be taken note off and set right by frequent monitoring.


Under IT initiatives, Computers are installed in Head office and provided with Local Area Network (LAN Connectivity). Computers are provided to (6) Regional Deputy Directors Offices, 23 Project Directors Offices and 387 Project Offices with Wide Area Network (WAN) connectivity. All the budget releases and collection of expenditure, reports on various schemes etc., is being secured by LAN / WAN. To implement the RTI Act a separate section is established in the Head Office.


To simplify the reporting and monitoring system, to capture the correct data, to facilitate effective monitoring and implementation of the scheme, the Department in consultation with IT Department proposes to introduce a GMIS in ICDS.


The Pilot Project is proposed to be implemented in Parvathipuram Revenue Division in Vizianagaram, Kurnool Division in Kurnool District, Secunderabad Division in Hyderabad and complete Districts of Nizamabad and Warangal.