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Welcome to the Department of Women Development & Child Welfare

  GCPS (Old)


Girl Child Protection Scheme

The GCPS scheme was launched on 8th March, 2005 which is a novel and first of its kind in the Country with the main objective of giving protection to girl child. G.O.Ms.No.33, Women Development Child Welfare & Disabled Welfare (JJ.A1) Department, Dt.18.12.2009 has been issued with following aims.

(i)               Promote enrollment and retention of the girl child in school and to ensure her education at least up to intermediate level.

(ii)            Encourage girls to get married only after the age of 18 years.

(iii)         Encourage parents to adopt family planning norms with two girl children.

(iv)          Protect the rights of the girl child and provide social and financial empowerment to girl child.

(v)             Eliminate negative cultural attitudes and practices against girls.

(vi)          Strengthen the role of the family in improving the status of the girl child.

(vii)       Extend a special dispensation to orphans / destitutes and differently abled girls.


Scheme Strategy

The department of Women Development and child welfare will be the nodal Department for planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation of the scheme. The scheme will be implemented through the Project Director, DWCDA / Child Development Project Officer concerned under direct supervision of the District Collector.

(i)               The scheme will be implemented and monitored by the District Collector concerned at District Level and the Commissioner, Women Development and Child Welfare Department at State Level in coordination with Life Insurance Corporation.

(ii)            The scheme shall be deemed to have come into operation from 01.04.2005 onwards.


A. Eligibility Conditions:-

Only those who fulfill the following conditions will be eligible for enrollment under the New Girl Child Protection Scheme:-

(i)               Families with only Single girl child or only two girls shall be eligible.

(ii)            Either of the parents should have undergone family planning operation on or after 01.04.2005.

(iii)         The total annual income of the family of girl child shall have to be below Rs.20,000/- per annum for rural areas and Rs.24,000/- for annum for urban areas.

(iv)          Families having single girl from 0-3 years of age, will be given first priority.

(v)             Consequent to enrollment, those who fulfill conditions as prescribed shall be eligible to receive the benefits under the scheme.

(vi)          Girl Child born after August, 2009 should get registered under Registration of Birth and Death Act and produce birth certificate from competent authority i.e., Village Secretary / Municipality concerned.


B. Conditions to be fulfilled by girl child / girls consequent to     enrolment, to receive the benefits:-

(i)               Girl Children born after August, 2009 should get immunized completely as per schedule and produce immunization certificate by Anganwadi Worker / Auxiliary Nurse Midwives.

(ii)            The Girl Child who has been enrolled in the scheme should be admitted into the school at the age of 5 years to get the benefit of the scheme. No girl is entitled to receive maturity value if she has not completed schooling.

(iii)         The head of the Institution where the child is pursuing studies has to give annual certificate every year from 8th to 12th class or equivalent to the CDPO, certifying that the child is continuing education during the academic year, to enable the girl to claim the scholarship every year.

(iv)          No girl will get final payment of incentive if she marries before 18 years of age.

(v)             She has to study intermediate i.e., 12th standard or equivalent to receive the final payment.

(vi)          Even if the girl fails in the 12th standard, or equivalent exam, she will be eligible for final payment after completion of 20 years.

(vii)       Facility of premature payment will not be entertained at any cost.


C. Relaxation of age and formal education for Orphans,      Destitute and Disabled girls:-

(i)               Orphan will mean a girl child not having both parents. Destitute will mean girl child from a BPL family of trafficked victims or HIV / AIDS victims etc., forsaken by their family / parents and sheltered by Government or recognized Non-Governmental Organizations.

(ii)            All such destitute or orphans or disabled girls who have not crossed 18 years as on May, 2008 will be eligible for the benefits under Girl Child Protection Scheme.

(iii)         The condition of formal education will be relaxed in respect of orphans, destitute and differently abled girls, who are born April, 2005. Those girls who do not pursue education beyond 8th class will naturally not be eligible for yearly education scholarships. They will only receive Rs.1 lakh or Rs.30,000/- as applicable on completion of 20 years.

(iv)          Therefore, all destitute, orphans and differently abled girls, born after April, 2005 shall also necessarily have to be enrolled in a school & continued upto, XII class to be eligible for the benefit under Girl Child Protection Scheme. 


In case of destitute or orphan child, the head of the institutions based on a medical certificate shall ensure the birth registration is completed. In case the caste is unknown, the caste of all such children shall be recorded as “casteless”. They shall be eligible for all benefits on par with SC’s & ST’s as per orders issued vide G.O.Ms.No.34, WD CW & DW (DW.A1) Dept., Dt.27.09.2008.

D) Relaxation of Education, income & Girl sibling conditions      for severely Disabled Girls:-

The following special dispensation only to severely differently abled girls is extended:- 

(i)               The Girls whose disability is more than 80% shall be eligible for the benefits under Girl Child Protection Scheme provided the income of their Parents / Guardian from all sources does not exceed Rs.1.00 lakh per annum.

(ii)            In respect of severely Disabled girls (more than 80% disability) the condition of the Girl Child being either single or two girls along shall not apply. A girl with one or two male siblings will also be eligible for the benefit of Girl Child Protection Scheme.

(iii)         The condition of formal education shall be relaxed in case of such severely disabled girls.


The beneficiaries covered under this scheme are as follows:-


2005 – 2006


2006 – 2007


2007 – 2008


2008 – 2009


2009 – 2010