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Procedure for In-Country Adoption
  • Prospective adoptive parent(s) should submit their application in prescribed format along with necessary documents  for adoption in triplicate to the local Sisugrahas / Project Director DW & CDA of concern District / The State Adoption Cell Office of Directorate WD&CW Department Hyderabad.

  • A home study report of the prospective adoptive parents will be prepared by the social worker of the Agency / Department.

  • The application of PAPs will be placed in seniority list. The application will be processed according to the seniority, categories wise i.e. Male/Female and the age group of children (below one year/ 1-3 year/ above 3 year) being maintained separately.

  • After the CWC declaration the child will be   matched to the PAPs as per eligibility on the above category when their turn comes in the seniority.

  • The Prospective adoptive parents will be allowed to take the child for medical tests.

  • Once a successful matching has been done, the child was placed under foster care to Prospective adoptive parents by executing a bond with value of  Rs.10/- in favour of Director WD&CW Department.

  • The Prospective adoptive parents file a petition with in 45 days of foster care in the family Court / City Civil Court JJ Board for obtaining the necessary order under the relevant ACT. The children can be legally placed with the parents(s) under HAMA / GAWA / JJ-Act 2000.

  • The form I will be submitted to MCH concerned Municipalities in the District for issue of Date of Birth certificate after receiving the Court Order.


  1. Below 1 yr – July’ 2007
  2. 1-3 yrs – March’ 2007
  3. Above 3 yrs – May’ 2008


  1. Below 1 yr – Dec’ 2008
  2. 1-3 yrs – Oct’ 2008
  3. Above 3 yrs – August’ 2009